Monday, July 6, 2009

Our first day was great!

Our first week turned out great. Alex and I officially bought the All Pure Water store on July 1st. Here is a picture of me and Alex with the previous owners, Jerry and Diane.

A few of Alex's former Numed co-workers came by to wish him good luck. Alex's good friend Zach, who was also a groomsman in our wedding, wanted to give Alex his first dollar at the new business. Also in the picture is Alex's former boss, Chuck.

Zach almost wasn't Alex's first customer! Zach rushed in right before another customer was about to be rung up and bought a York Peppermint Patty. It was hilarious, but the other customer seemed kind of confused as to what was going on!

Here are a couple of exterior shots of the store:
Alex's Mom Lori even took off of work early to come by the shop on our first day.
Lori is one proud Mama. Lori and I helped Alex run the store, as well as train on how to run the registers and the equipment.

Overall, it was a fabulous first day. I am so excited for all the expansions we are planning on doing. And, the customers that frequent the All-Pure Water store are the best! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming to Alex and I, the majority of them wishing us the best of luck.

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