Friday, November 27, 2009

Bettas Now Available at Reef Remedies

Reef Remedies now carries Betta fish!

We currently have five resident Bettas ready to go home with their new owners. We have both Crown Tail Bettas and Regular Male Bettas. Crown Tail Bettas are $2.99 and Regular Male Bettas are $1.99. We also have a full range of Betta supplies, including bowls, food, decorations, and water treatment.

Stop by for more information!

Reef Remedies
717 S I35 E #717
Denton, Texas 76205
(located next to Brookshire's and behind Applebee's)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pics 2009

Our first Halloween at Reef Remedies was a huge success. I made cupcakes and coffee for our customers to enjoy, and bought some yummy chocolate candy, too. We even had these two adorable kiddos stop by.

And here our baby sting ray is watching over the candy bowl. If you haven't been by to see our sting ray, you should! He is the most animated and friendly sting ray and LOVES it when people stop by to look at him.

Here is a shot of the cupcakes and coffee we provided for the customers. The coffee was made with our reverse osmosis purified water, which makes the coffee extra tasty. It is amazing what a difference water can make to good tasting coffee. For more info and coffee tips, visit Best Coffee News. The cupcakes were a huge success, I may have to make them again soon.

For more information about Reef Remedies, visit our website here.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Today at Reef Remedies, we will have complimentary candy, coffee, and cupcakes! Come by and celebrate Halloween with us. We hope to have a few trick or treaters in costumes. Pictures coming soon. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Updates and Video Coming Soon

So many changes have been made to the store since our last blog post in July. Jennifer is currently working on picture and video updates. Since July, we have painted the store with a fresh coat of blue paint, painted the floors black, added shelving with many, many new products, and met lots of new customers.

We continue to love talking to our customers. They are so friendly and great to chat with. Alex's Mom, Lori, and Alex's wife, Jennifer, are at the store just about every Saturday and love getting to know the customers.

Stay tuned for new posts and updates!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lots of work!!

Just finished my first Monday and boy am I tired... Mondays used to be slow and boring but now I have a whole new respect for them. Now on Mondays I perform Tank Services while an employee takes care of the Shop and for some reason I figured this would be a normal day but was sadly mistaken. I felt like I was running a marathon all day as I contacted customers to schedule Servicing times, helped customers purchase water, teach Ben how to mix saltwater, and attempt to work through my never ending "to-do" list... Thankfully I gained a new customer today and was pleased to be able to squeeze them in today's schedule! To top it all off, I had to take advantage of today's beautiful weather and cut the lawn when I got home at 8:30. My lovely wife her awesome mother are going to come in to help on Thursday so I can run down to Dallas and stock back up on water bottles! I don't know what I would do without such a supportive family!!!

4th of July at our Store - Cute Fish Tags!

On Saturday, July 4th, Alex's Mom Lori and I worked the shop while Alex went out to do his aquarium services. We got to work making cute price tags shaped like fish for the snacks and drinks that are available for purchase in the shop.
Lori and I had a great time playing with the Cricut Die Cut Machine.
Lori and I also went to Costco to stock up on some supplies for the shop. We bought some new snacks and gum to be sold in the shop.

Here's a shot of Lori and Alex after our day of crafting.
Lori and I had a great time working together on Saturday. I look forward to many more Saturdays at the store with our wonderful families.

Our first day was great!

Our first week turned out great. Alex and I officially bought the All Pure Water store on July 1st. Here is a picture of me and Alex with the previous owners, Jerry and Diane.

A few of Alex's former Numed co-workers came by to wish him good luck. Alex's good friend Zach, who was also a groomsman in our wedding, wanted to give Alex his first dollar at the new business. Also in the picture is Alex's former boss, Chuck.

Zach almost wasn't Alex's first customer! Zach rushed in right before another customer was about to be rung up and bought a York Peppermint Patty. It was hilarious, but the other customer seemed kind of confused as to what was going on!

Here are a couple of exterior shots of the store:
Alex's Mom Lori even took off of work early to come by the shop on our first day.
Lori is one proud Mama. Lori and I helped Alex run the store, as well as train on how to run the registers and the equipment.

Overall, it was a fabulous first day. I am so excited for all the expansions we are planning on doing. And, the customers that frequent the All-Pure Water store are the best! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming to Alex and I, the majority of them wishing us the best of luck.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

Hello all, Jennifer here.

Tomorrow is the big day for my husband Alex. His dream of opening a storefront has finally come true. After three and a half years of working towards this goal, we are so incredibly excited that all of Alex's hard work has paid off.

So tomorrow Alex is meeting with Jerry and Diane, the current owners of the shop. I am leaving work early to meet Alex and officially begin our first day as owners of the shop. Jerry and Diane are going to be helping Alex and I understand the day to day workings of the store.

And for a little background on what is going on...the shop is currently called "All Pure Water Store" and specializes in purified water and water supplies, like crocks, bottles, etc. Our plan is to continue on with the water sales, but add more to it. Almost immediately, we will be adding salt water to our supply, to be used in saltwater aquariums.

Over time, we will be adding livestock as well as fish supplies (food, tanks, gravel, etc.). Our goal is to have a "fish room" that will be housed at the back of the store, away from sunlight for the safety and health of the fish.

Alex will continue to do tank services as well. I will be working at the store on the weekends and sometimes during the week so that Alex can take care of his tank services.

For more information about Reef Remedies, visit our website here. We also have a Facebook page, click here to see it!

I hope to be posting some pictures of the store very soon. I also wanted to say a quick thank you to all our friends and family that have been so supportive over the last few months as we try to get everything in order for the store. We could not have even dreamed of this venture without you all.

The journey of owning a small business is just beginning for Alex and I, and I can't wait to see what lies ahead!